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photo: Gaëtan Hugnet


"About our dance:
First I would like to speak about what kind of training one should pursue, because dance is "a realization of one's dream through the body", one must first know one's body very well. When I say 'the body', I mean a total body that includes all levels – the bio-skeletal body, the spirit, and intuition" (Masaki Iwana)

Therefore, Yesenia Fuentes would like to share the ways to dance butoh. Primaly by physical training to enhance balance, strenght and flexibility. Second by butoh exercises using imaginary prepositions, and last, by performing with an audience (the same participants will have this role)


In 2009 she discovered butoh, and works by its influences.
Since 2014, Yesenia has studied with Masaki Iwana (RIP), and Moeno Wakatmasu. Presently Yesenia Fuentes maintains her active practices besides the artist Marianela Leon Ruiz.

Butoh, a form of dance-theater born in Japan, lets the body speak by itself: There is no censorship to movements, just transformation. It is, in sum, pure dance. Butoh workshops then, become a way of discovery, a space to unfold and grasp the complexity.

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Next butoh workshop in Montreal 

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