Yesenia Fuentes is a choreographer, dancer, and performing artist. Always underscoring the importance of the process of research and creation, Yesenia seeks to question the absurdity and hollowness of certain dynamics of the contemporary world while reflecting more broadly on existence and the human condition.

Not only her rigorous preparation but the different experiences and encounters she has had have defined Yesenia’s style and set up a path of discovery through dance. Born in Bogotá, she moved to Montreal in 2001, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts at Concordia University.

Yesenia’s solo performances, elaborate and expressive pieces, have been presented in varied venues around the world. Likewise, the vibrant collaborative projects of dance, photography, music, and video that she has participated in have reached diverse places and publics. As a way of learning and sharing with others, Yesenia organizes and offers Butoh workshops. Since 2016 Yesenia founded, P'andanza, for the creation, production and diffusion of performance arts.

Member of the Regroupement québécoise de la danse

Photo © Adriana Garcia Cruz

@ 2020 Yesenia Fuentes

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