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Juana is the story of a woman, who was murdered by her lover. Juana lived in a luminous, natural, and peaceful place where she never thought that she was going to be killed. And because she never expected this, Juana’s soul isn’t able to take a fly, she still feels as if she was alive. Juana is in a world in which the difference between reality and illusion is not perceived. Eustacio, one of Juana’s friends, was able to listen to her soul through his dreams. He could listen to her messages and her suffering from not being able to leave earth in peace. Later, Eustacio will find her and help to free Juana’s soul from her body and bury her.

Director: Yesenia Fuentes

Edition & Sound: Gaëtan Hugnet

Actors: Vladimir Gutierrez, Santiago Merchan and Yesenia Fuentes

2020 | 00:08:19 | B&W | Canada (Quebec) | Colombia | 

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