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Gipsykumbia Orchestra


Macondo is a literary place as much as a real one, a Colombian town of dreams and nightmares conceived by Gabriel García Marquéz. Monotonously compelling, Macondo’s reminiscent and melancholic soil receives the visit of the gypsies, who bring with them the strangest artifacts from all over the world… In a piece that takes its name from this peculiar town, the Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra and Yesenia are able to capture the evocative sounds of the Roma people as well as the melancholic character of Macondo.


Mapalé is an energetic and vibrant Afro-Colombian dance from the Caribbean Coast. An allegory to the agonic movements of the mapalé fish when it is taken out of the water, this dance matches perfectly the lively sounds of the Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra and Yesenia’s spirited dance during a live show. 


Pumpking is a love poem from a clown, a performance conceived for the homonymous song composed by Maxime Ethier and presented in the shows of the Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra.


Photos: Amélie Bilodeau

Video: David Chedore

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