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Photos: Clément Guégan / Vanesa Fortin


Stem highlights the vulnerability of the body, a seminude body that, in this case, interacts with a trunk that has been cut. In a relatively restricted space, Stem operates ample movements and intense transformations to enter into a dialogue with the public. Stem then, as in any other Butoh-inspired piece, conducts important modifications and variations that go well beyond the body of the performer and affect the spectators as well. It establishes, in sum, a two-ways conversation between the performer and the public in which varied affects circulate.

Presented at:

-La Foire, MAI. Octobre, 2018.


-Performance Night, P'andanza

Montreal. April 2017

-Habeas Corpus exhibition, MainLine Gallery,

Montreal. May 2016 

-Butoh dance festival 'Verda Utopio', Reveillon, France. August 2014

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