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photos: Tatwerk

once upon no time
once upon

Spuren was presented in Berlin as an act of Es war kein mal (Once Upon No Time), a performance study of time and space in which 11 artists participated. In Spuren, two artists share the scenario, not as a duo but rather as part of a disjunctive synthesis: interplaying and communicating with each other while at the same time preserving the distance and maintaining the differences. In contrast with the other dancer, whose work was in line with a manufactured reality (the clothing resembled plastic and petroleum), Yesenia’s seminude performance made an emphasis on animality and nature; it was about the organic, the instinctive, the most primordial human nature.

As part of the performance project Time & Space, led by Marina Epp, Es war kein mal presented 11 artists and their Butoh-inspired works. It consisted of solos, duos or groups exploring “time and space.” Here, Yesenia performed —along with another dancer— the piece Spuren.

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