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Photos by David Wong

Explores the variety of shapes and dimensions of connection. Coming out from the period of isolation, we are searching for meaningful experiences of connecting and re-connecting to our own bodies, the self, the other, the human, and the universal. The paradox of inter-personal connection is rooted in the simple logic: without a meaningful connection to the self, a heartfelt connection to the external world is compromised. However, as a society rooted in the cult of over-productivity, external success and public achievement, we often resist solitude and loathe the so-called “undesirable” and “unsuccessful” parts of our identities – vulnerability, softness and an ultimate fragility of human existence. Looking to break the globally accepted cycles of self-imposed violence, four performers tap into the potential of the inner body and explore a more constructive vision of vulnerability as a source of ultimate creativity and connection

Music: Juliette Badbarn & Lukas Maxit

Presented at Parc des Carrières in Montreal. September 2020 

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