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Freedom explores the crossroads between personal, cultural and social identities, the dark side and the force in every human, the tension between being and pretending, to summon passion and vitality, form the first contemporary dancing company of Latin-American origin in Montreal. Freedom is born from a dialogue between several professional artists, who contribute their own creations to tell a story together. It is a collective work that pays tribute to contemporary dance. Edgar Zendejas captures the creative exploration of 10 dancers to offer us Freedom, an extraordinary experience.

Presented at MAI (Montreal, Arts Interculturels) September 2016


Artistic Direction: Edgar Zendejas

Assistant: Cai John Davies Glover Lights: Raul Herrera Interpreters & Choreographers: Andrea Niño, PAco Ziel, Yesenia Fuentes, Diana León, Eduardo Ruiz Vergara, Luis Alberto Cabanzo, Vanessa Arcega, Dora Mateo, Maria Isabel Rondon.


photos: Giselle Ruiz Nota

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