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AKO invites you to enter its mesmerizing, warm and colourful universe of dance – a dance show designed for public spaces, in which three characters speak through their movements, resilience and femininity.


AKO is known for its unique aesthetic approach that combines the expressiveness and rhythms of traditional Afro-Colombian dance through contemporary writing, while connecting with audiences via an “outside-the-walls” approach.


As the show begins, the audience is plunged into a dreamlike world in which masked characters are slowly wandering around. Little by little, these characters come to life and their dance creates a stage, a circular space enclosed by a red thread that’s distributed to audience members.


Revealing femininity and joy, the dance spreads through the group and inspires the audience to take a few surreal steps, with thread in hand.

AKO is a production that is both approachable and unique, and part of a growing movement to make dance more democratic and accessible.

AKO is part of the Programme Jouer Dehors (2018-2019), La Danse Sur Les Routes du Québec and has been created with the support of the CALQ and the CAC. The production has also obtained several creative residencies at NyataNyata, MAI and LezArts Loco. The play is produced and sponsored by Mandoline Hybride.

Choreographers / Performers:

Yesenia Fuentes, Andrea Nino, Laurence Sabourin

Sound editing and creation:

Parker Mah


Short version: 2 x 20 minutes.
Long version: 40 minutes

Our collaborators:

Outside Eye: Ariane Boulet
Mentors: Priscilla Guy et Karla Étienne
Costumes: Chantal Lafreniere et Manon Guiraud
Puppet Advisor: Céline Chevrier

Photos: Federico Uribe

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