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Photos by Mario Jakulj and David Chedore
Mario Jakulj
Photo: David Chedore
Photo: David Chedore


An exploration of the relationship between pain and beauty, Antikörper is the result of a three years’ work of research and creation. What do pain and beauty mean? What do they stand for? In which ways do they relate and interact? What forms of life do they produce in the contemporary world? How bodies, and more particularly women’s bodies, are affected by conceptions and perceptions of pain and beauty? With no ambition to resolve these matters but instead to expose them, expand them, and circulate through them, Antikörper draws attention to the artificial processes seeking to transform women in order to comply with certain ideals of beauty. Antikörper then, is an antibody that fights the univocality of beauty, a device that questions the poisonous stereotypes of the contemporary world, a creative quest for the immense possibilities of the body.

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